Portobello Square, Wornington Green

The Wornington Green project is a major phased redevelopment by Catalyst Housing Ltd in north Kensington. The1970’s and 1980’s development of 535 flats in masonry and concrete construction are being progressively replaced by up to 1,000 new dwellings ranging from 3 storey mews houses to 15 storey apartment blocks of mixed affordable and sale tenure in a re-masterplanned urban setting.

Issues of particular importance were air quality and noise during construction (as residents would be living in relatively close proximity to construction works) and noise and vibration, air quality and microclimate during postconstruction. As a result of the Environmental Impact Assessment, buildings were set back a suitable distance from the adjacent railway line to ensure that residents would not be significantly affected by the noise and vibration arising from trains, the new energy centre was located in such a way as to minimise air quality impacts at sensitive receptors in the vicinity of the site (the site lay within an Air Quality Management Area) and the height and arrangement of the new blocks were designed so as to minimise sunlight, daylight and overshadowing impacts.

CampbellReith managed a number of specialist sub-consultants throughout the process and led consultations with the Local Planning Authority and the Environment Agency. We also acted as lead author and editor for the Environmental Statement, which included an Outline Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) to detail the measures that would be implemented to ensure that construction impacts were minimised wherever possible.

Services: Structural, Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport

Sectors: Regeneration, Residential