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Social value

The management and senior staff at CampbellReith are chartered professionals, so social value is a requisite part of their professional development. Recognition of our responsibilities to the community and the industry is therefore ingrained in our culture and we have a deep commitment to social value.

Social value is promoted through all aspects of our business. From engaging with local suppliers for services and goods to each of our offices, to environmental management within our offices (including recycling and carbon footprint monitoring) we encourage such values through every aspect of our work.

In recognition, we were delighted to have been awarded the NCE100 award for Contribution to the Profession and the Ground Engineering Consulting Firm of the Year Award in 2017.  The judges for the Ground Engineering award identified that we show “excellent examples of collaboration, strong community engagement and commitment to quality resulting in repeat and extended work”.

Providing job opportunities

There is a shortage of engineers in the UK and we recognise that we need to reach beyond the traditional areas of recruitment to ensure that we employ high calibre motivated staff. As well as utilising personal and professional connections, we use a number of job boards to advertise vacancies with local universities such as Imperial College and University of Sheffield, Cambridge and Swansea Universities. We also post all of our job vacancies on our social media and website to reach the greatest pool of applicants. We would be pleased to further expand the pool of potential expertise by promoting opportunities to local residents should these be close to our existing offices. Where a local office is not possible, we would look into how we can provide more flexible opportunities.

CampbellReith attends job fairs such as Imperial College and EYF events along with other similar events in order to ensure that we can select our staff from the widest pool of talent available to us. We have staff who are skilled in talking to young people and those from different backgrounds so that they can give a good understanding of the various roles that our staff perform within CampbellReith.

Raise living standards

We are committed to paying competitive wages that allow our staff to live comfortably.

Another specific way in which we can have an impact in the living standards is by offering our staff flexibility in their working hours. We offer all our staff the possibility to arrange flexible working for them to cope with other obligations. As an example, some of our staff set up specific days when they work from home. We also encourage inter office mobility, for those who have the temporal need to work from a different location.

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