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Aspire Defence

The Army Basing Programme (ABP) represents a £1.1Bn variation to Project Allenby Connaught. Works were delivered by Aspire Defence Limited, the PFI provider for the Project Allenby Connaught footprint.

Client: Aspire Defence Limited

Project value: £1.1bn

Architect: Broadway Malyan

The return of nearly 4,000 service personnel and their families from Germany to the Salisbury Plain Training Area demanded the provision of a considerable amount of new infrastructure. This included over 2,600 new bed spaces for single soldiers.

Similar to our involvement in Project Allenby Connaught, CampbellReith provided structural and civil engineering design services to Aspire Defence Limited under the Army Basing Programme (ABP), covering the construction, conversion or refurbishment of nearly 250 ‘working’ buildings such as offices, garages, workshops and mess facilities. All works were carried out across the Project Allenby Connaught footprint of Perham Down, Tidworth, Bulford, Larkhill, Warminster and Aldershot.

Sustainable development principles have been applied across all aspects of delivery for the ABP. For example, at Tidworth, Bulford, Perham Down and Larkhill garrisons, photovoltaic panels cover 5,920m2 of roofing on new buildings delivered by Aspire Defence Capital Works, providing potentially 508,798 kWhr (kilowatt hours) of electricity annually. Any unused energy is exported to the garrisons’ private networks for reuse in other buildings.

Our commission was extended under the ABP to include the provision of geotechnical and land quality design services. The involvement of our team assisted Aspire Defence limited in delivering upon the project’s sustainability goals. For example, at Perham Down, the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice methodology was applied to re-use around 15,000m3 of excavated material to level new sports pitches for the Royal Engineers. This avoided approximately 3,000 lorry journeys to transport the material to landfill.

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