Kumbor military base in Montenegro

The Kumbor military base in Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast, was one of the former Yugoslavia’s biggest military bases. The large-scale redevelopment project aimed at transforming it into a holiday resort. The project will also comprise of 550 residential villas, 150 commercial outlets and spa and sports facilities.

CampbellReith’s engineers worked on this project together with a major international developer, and provided structural, civil, environmental, geotechnical and transportation services.

The 60-acre site that included nearly 5,000 army and navy personnel, was littered with asbestos-laden barracks, radar towers, crumbling concrete administrative buildings and skeletal airplane hangars.

The work included review of the risks from unexploded ordnance, both on land and undersea, and contamination from historic fuelling and military facilities; advice on flood risk and the drainage strategy; the remodelling of the existing harbours into new marinas for leisure craft.

CampbellReith carried out extensive reviews of historical records and a site reconnaissance. They subsequently procured and managed preliminary site surveys including ground investigation boreholes and trial pits.

Extensive chemical analysis on soil and groundwater samples allowed the risks to be fully evaluated. As part of risk mitigation measures, no intrusive surveys were carried out until the site had been surveyed by CampbellReith’s specialist sub-consultant. The risks were known by the National Mine Action Centre (MAC).

The project had NAMSA (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation Maintenance and Supply Agency) approval for land and subsea explosive ordnance location and disposal work in post war Balkan zones. In order to encourage local development, CampbellReith’s chosen sub-consultant provided subsea training for local nationals.

In addition to the main services, CampbellReith carried out a full earthquake risk and wave climate analyses and set minimum design standards for the project.

Services: Structural, Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport

Sectors: Defence, Hotels & Hospitality