London Fire Brigade

CampbellReith was appointed by Kier Construction to provide a range of land quality services at nine sites across the London area, in relation to the demolition of existing London Fire Brigade station buildings and construction of new facilities.

Initial ground investigation works were undertaken in 2010 to determine the principal ground conditions at each site. These works were designed to take into consideration the operational nature of the fire stations in order to avoid interruption to fire station activities.

Results of the investigations indicated the presence of a number of contamination issues, most notably, elevated concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in soils and/or groundwater at some of the sites associated with fuel storage, and the presence of elevated ground gas concentrations.

Further gas and groundwater monitoring was undertaken by CampbellReith in 2013 in order to confirm the requirement for gas protection measures in the proposed developments, and whether further detailed gas and/or groundwater risk assessment was necessary. Following the additional monitoring works, it was determined that gas protection measures were only required within one of the nine developments.

Varying degrees of remediation were required at each site during groundworks. Remedial works have included contamination ‘hotspot’ removal, inspection trenches, groundwater/free product monitoring, and tank validation and removal. CampbellReith produced the remediation specifications for each of these sites, with the remedial works designed to account for the construction activities, and to take into consideration site access and budget constraints. CampbellReith has attended several of the sites to oversee and validate tank removal and inspection trenches, and have been on-hand to advise on any unexpected contamination encountered during groundworks.

Services: Environmental, Geotechnical