Prescot Park, Merseyside

Prescot Park is located in the town of Prescot in Merseyside. The site is approximately 25.2 hectares (62.3 acres) and is located close to the motorway (the M57 runs along the southern boundary) and railway network (the Wigan to Liverpool railway line runs along the eastern boundary, with Prescot railway station nearby). The site had an extant Outline Planning Permission for the construction of up to 623 residential dwellings and a retail unit.

CampbellReith was initially appointed to formulate a SW and FW drainage strategy for the site to inform redevelopment of the site and advise on the feasibility and viability of drainage solutions. CampbellReith produced a comprehensive drainage strategy document, aligned with the clients aspirations to provide all of the attenuation in a single large swale so as to negate the need for any attenuation within the individual development parcels and allow prospective residential developers free discharge. This drainage strategy was used to promote the site to prospective residential developers and provide evidence that a sustainable solution was deliverable.

CampbellReith then undertook the preliminary design of the main site access infrastructure (approx. 2km of spine roads, highway drains, sewers, large attenuation swale and noise bund) to support a detailed planning application and facilitate the construction of an advanced infrastructure package to allow access to the individual development parcels and redevelopment of the site by various residential developers. Following approval of the Planning Application (14/00668/FUL), CampbellReith was commissioned to undertake the detailed design of the main site infrastructure, including the Section 38 Highway Works and the Section 104 Drainage Works, with both packages being progressed through to Technical Approval with Knowsley MBC and United Utilities respectively.

CampbellReith subsequently provided a full suite of tender documentation to allow the client to tender the advanced infrastructure works package via a traditional procurement route, under the NEC 3 Option A Contract. Following the appointment of a contractor, CampbellReith was then appointed to provide a full-time resident Site Supervisor for the 6 month construction Contract (May – October 2015). CampbellReith also fulfilled the Project Manager role under the NEC3 Contract and provided contract administration duties.

As a geotechnical contribution to this project, CampbellReith designed the environmental noise bund that separates the site from the M57. The bund is in three sections totally at approximately 750m length. It has a max height of around four metres with an acoustic fence on the top. By utilising reinforced earth techniques, this allowed the re-use of glacial soils that were excavated as part of the overall sustainable development. This additionally allowed the bund to be steepened to reduce space it takes up and increase ‘useable’ land, but which can still be vegetated creating an aesthetic finish as part of the landscaping and drainage scheme.

Services: Civil, Geotechnical

Sectors:  Regeneration, Residential