New Islington School

CampbellReith recently provided the design and oversite of a site investigation and a remedial options appraisal for asbestos in soils at a proposed primary school in Manchester.

During the initial phases of development work, fibrous asbestos products were identified. Works were halted and then a process of further investigation and design appraisal was completed. In conjunction with asbestos specialists and occupational health specialists an investigation was designed by CampbellReith, including full health and safety control, dust and asbestos monitoring and decontamination arrangements. The Ground Investigation provided a forensic inspection of the Made Ground combined with field microscopy and laboratory quantification.

The subsequent Remedial Options Appraisal was presented to the stakeholders concerned with the scheme including the regulatory authorities, investors and contractor. A preferred approach was thereafter adopted that combined the amendment of the engineering design and provisions to address subsequent occurrences of asbestos on site.

Services: Environmental

Sectors: Education