Millfields Waste Transfer Site

CampbellReith was appointed by CA Blackwell / HBR and in turn the London Development Agency to provide engineering design services and also a watching brief for contamination.

The works related to the redevelopment of a waste transfer site, which had also been a historic power station, located in Millfields Road, Hackney, immediately adjacent to the River Lee.

During the initial work it was determined that the northern part of the site was affected by the depostion of asbestos. Although a historic desk study had been completed it had not been sufficiently detailed to identify the engineering build up of the site which also held the key to understanding the potential risk presented by the contamination.

We implemented a process of review, utilising records at the London Metropolitan archive which identified plans that displayed cross sections of the historic power station, and the layout of the potential sources of contamination. This provided a much improved understanding of site conditions and informed the subsequent development of proposals to address the contamination.

CampbellReith prepared an options study to deal with the asbestos in soils with options ranging between a landfill solution or a site based remediation.

Services: Environmental