Mike Allen – Celebrating 25 Years at CampbellReith

2 November 2023

Mike joined CampbellReith on 2 November 1998 as an Associate. He was made a Partner in 2003 and subsequently rose to become a Senior Partner and LLP Member, as well as a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers. Mike stepped down from the LLP board in July 2023 and is now acting as a Consultant.

His career generally and at CampbellReith reflects the wide variation of roles and skills that come with a career in structural and civil engineering, a showcase of which is presented below.

Mike grew up in Zambia. He completed a BSc in Civil Engineering in Swansea and an MSc in Irrigation Engineering in Southampton. He initially joined Sir M MacDonald & Partners and worked in Sri Lanka and Ghana. He later joined their structures department. Mike moved to John Burrow and Partners who were taken over by DHV / Aspen. In 1993 he joined the Commonwealth Development Corporation on a 2 year contract in Zambia as Chief Civil Engineer on the Nanga irrigation redevelopment project before re-joining Aspen.

Mike has designed new build and refurbishments of all manner of civil and structural engineering projects ranging from roads, canals, irrigation systems, storage dams, flood protection systems, drainage systems, bridges (including one in Sudan), deep basement stations for Jubilee Line and Crossrail, hospitals, schools and universities, hotels and student residentials, residential high and low rise, exhibition venues, cinemas, offices, warehouses, retail, listed building refurbishments, restaurants, MoD projects in UK and Germany, Foreign Office buildings (including refurbishment of King Charles Street and numerous high commissions and embassies throughout Africa and in Tbilisi), blast assessment of the DLR station post IRA bombing, sign-off of major concerts and events and structural surveys of most of the military barracks in London.

He has specialist knowledge of deep basements, historic buildings, anti-terrorism protection, structural glazing and dynamics of structures including stadia (expert witness).

Mike’s significant CampbellReith projects include: