Meet the team

Mike Allen


I have lived and worked in Zambia, Sri Lanka, Ghana and the UK. I grew up in Zambia in an age when few things were available and you had to learn to fix what you had. This gave me a good background in the efficient use of resources, key to all optimum engineering solutions.

I have designed all sorts of things including canals, roads, bridges, levees, drainage networks, hospitals, schools, offices, industrial buildings, agricultural buildings, exhibition buildings, LUL station deep basements, houses, high rise flats, etc. I have specialist knowledge of historic structures, anti terrorism measures, exhibition buildings, structural glass, earthquake resistance, dynamic response of grandstands, deep basements and believe it or not, irrigation system design.

I have been fortunate to have an extremely varied career designing projects in the above sectors in the countries listed above and Uganda (British High Commissioner’s Residence), Tbilisi (earthquake protection measures for the Ambassador’s Residence), Sierra Leone (British Embassy Visa office), Gambia (coastal protection for the embassy compound), Ethiopia (land erosion protection for the embassy and the Afar Valley Irrigation Scheme), Ghana (five hospitals and the Kpong Irrigation Scheme), Zambia (Nanga Estate Redevelopment, five hospitals and one hundred clinics) and Sri Lanka (Uda Walawe Irrigation Scheme).

Outside of engineering

Don’t ask me about cars if you don’t want to lose an hour of your life looking at pictures of anything I’ve ever driven. Alfas are the best cars in the world by the way! I am pretty good at badminton and frisbee. I love the African bush and fishing in its rivers whilst avoiding hippos.

Joined CampbellReith 1998