Dukes Meadow Thames Path Footbridge opening!

18 January 2023

Our Senior Partner, Mike Allen attended the opening ceremony for the Dukes Meadow Thames Path Footbridge at Barnes Bridge last Friday.

Mr Raghwinder Siddhu, Mayor of the London Borough of Hounslow opened the bridge and thanked all those involved in its planning, design and construction. 

CampbellReith was responsible for the design of the Bridge to RIBA Stage 3 took into account the requirements of the many stakeholders (including Port of London Authority, Network Rail and numerous boat clubs) in this stunning project.

The bridge will significantly enhance the Thames Path experience of local residents and visitors alike. It will become a major leisure destination and will improve transport links to the area and spur on regeneration of the Dukes Meadow area.

It has been great working with the team on this project, Knights Brown and their team of subconsultants and designers and Hounslow’s project manger who has made this happen through all the hurdles since first awarding the design commission in summer 2017. A great achievement by all.