Frome Gasworks, Welshmill Lane, Somerset

CampbellReith was appointed to complete full geo environmental investigations, quantitative risk assessments and regulatory liaisons on the former Frome Gasworks (also subsequently utilised as a Thermo-Acoustics Factory). The practice provided the complete investigation, detailed risk assessment (for soil, water and vapour risk), remedial design and validation of the site to facilitate onward residential development.  The project features in the 2014 Brownfield Remediation Guide (read article here).

A 19th Century gas works was present on the site (including a retort house, three former gas holder bases and a variety of subterranean tanks and obstructions) which left a legacy of contamination including. The site is in an environmentally sensitive area (bounded by the River Frome and residential properties) and constrained from an engineering perspective (a steep railway embankment retains the western boundary of the site).

Remedial options were presented for the gas holders and subterranean tanks and an options study presented for site based remediation versus hazardous waste disposal. The final option for the site comprised the solidification and stabilisation of contaminated soils that were retained on site in accordance with agreed remedial targets.  An in-situ groundwater remediation was also completed.

CampbellReith completed the earthworks balance for the site, using PDS software, and the final level of the remediated site was adjusted in parallel with the final design of the site level, roads and drainage.  This allowed the remediation to be highly sustainable and avoid waste soils.

Services: Environmental

Sector: Residential