Dubai Pedestrian and Cyclist Study

CampbellReith was commissioned by Dubai Municipality to undertake the Comprehensive Pedestrian and Cyclist Study. Dubai Municipality recognises the importance of walking and cycling as key modes of transportation in Dubai. The Municipality also believes that there are significant benefits to be achieved by encouraging modal shift away from motorised transport, but recognises that this requires the implementation of safe and effective pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure supported by appropriate education programmes.

The study commenced with a detailed review of existing policies, guidelines and standards produced by Dubai Municipality. An inventory of all existing pedestrian and cycle facilities on every street in Dubai was also undertaken recording the location of sidewalks, sikkas, at-grade crossings, grade-separated crossings, bus stop facilities and cycle tracks. Interview surveys were conducted at a variety of locations to ascertain people’s attitudes to walking and cycling. This stage concluded by presenting a list of deficiencies in the current system to be addressed in the subsequent stages.

The next stage saw various standards from Australia, the Netherlands and the UK compared and contrasted and an appraisal on how these could be tailored to suit the conditions in Dubai. The knowledge obtained in the first two stages of the project was used to produce the guidelines that formed the draft of the Design Manual.

The purpose of the Manual was to provide a document that brought together advice on all the key design, implementation, enforcement, safety and educational issues that need to be addressed when planning pedestrian and cyclist provision. The Manual offers advice to engineers and planners of all levels of experience involved in the design of projects within the Emirate.

The project continued with implementation studies at key sites around the municipality. The studies have enabled the Pedestrian and Cyclist Design Manual to be developed and updated. Dubai Municipality are progressing with pedestrian improvements and plans to continue to increase the amount of cycle facilities in the Emirate.

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Sectors: Infrastructure