Big thanks to our staff

CampbellReith is delighted and humbled to have received yet another award recognising our contribution to engineering and construction.


Just last week, the UCLH Proton Beam Therapy cancer treatment centre, currently under construction in Euston, was named ‘Winner – UK Geotechnical project with a value over £15m’ in the 2018 Ground Engineering awards in a field that included some of the largest civil and structural projects presently underway. Although the award focuses on the basement – 28.5m deep, and large enough to house the Albert Hall – it is recognition of the hard work of all our engineers – structural, civil and geotechnical, and our environmental scientists, and our close collaboration with the constructor Bouygues UK.


The award follows hot on the heels of being ‘highly commended’ in the NCE100 awards last month for the innovation adopted in our work at Kilnwood Vale in West Sussex.


It also builds on our successes in 2017 when CampbellReith was named ‘Consulting Firm of the Year’ in the Ground Engineering awards against stiff competition and won an NCE100 award for our work to promote the engineering profession.


When looking at the judges’ comments for these various awards, I have been struck by the themes that have emerged and how they chime with our philosophy and our promises. Our philosophy and promises, which were defined through widespread consultation within CampbellReith and with our clients, are described in our current business plan.


Our philosophy compels us to be responsive and accountable to our clients, to adopt an empathetic approach, and to support and look out for our fellow team members. Our promises to our people, our clients and our communities include commitments to training and expertise, communication, reliability, innovation and bespoke solutions, and encouraging knowledge within the profession and the wider community.


Amongst the judges’ comments are the following:

“CampbellReith presented some excellent examples of collaboration and client satisfaction.”

A great example of innovative engineering research and development that will unlock investment”.

“The project team … disseminated the information beyond the project team to benefit the wider industry.”

“Strong community engagement was evident in the firm’s work”

“There was a strong sense that promotion of the profession was embedded in the culture of the business.”


It is exciting to know that our philosophy is truly embraced by all our people at CampbellReith and to see what rewards that brings. Without the hard work and whole hearted commitment of our staff in our projects and other activities, CampbellReith could never have had the awards success that we have recently enjoyed. We owe them a real debt of gratitude.


By Liz Brown, Partner at CampbellReith