Working with the Land Quality Team

4 June 2024

A key principle of ground engineering is ground risk management. These risks can include complex geo-environmental and geotechnical issues that are often interlinked and require bespoke geo engineering solutions.

Last month we presented an Introduction to our Land Quality team who are also award winners in their own right!

One of the strengths of our geotechnical team is that we work closely with our other in-house disciplines, especially land quality, and this allows us to effectively manage ground risk and deliver the project requirements using a holistic approach from inception to completion.

We regularly combine geo-environmental and geotechnical assessments for our Desktop Study and within the early stages of the project which enables the ground investigation to be designed to suit both disciplines, reducing third party costs, and saving time in the overall programme. Produced separately or in a combined format, our interpretative reports consider both the geotechnical and land quality impacts of any solutions so that savings in groundworks are passed on to clients.

Whether it be a novel solution for complex issues, or a more routine engineering project, we can always offer a coordinated and sustainable approach by using our opportunities for in-house collaboration.

In addition, the Land Quality and Geotechnical teams have helped the wider company better our sustainability goals. Examples of our contribution to sustainability include early collaboration for the reuse of materials on earthworks projects, managing groundwater, and coordinating site levels with our land quality and civil engineering colleagues to balance cut and fill.  A current project at Erdington in the West Midlands where we are unlocking a former landfill site for development shows just this sort of close collaboration.

Look out for more of our sustainability achievements in our next post…