2023 Brownfield Award Winners!

7 November 2023

We are thrilled with the outcome of the awards and winning the Best Preparatory Work for our project at Tanyard Lane.

The team are very proud to receive this award for one our most technically complex projects of recent years. A chlorinated solvent plume had migrated off site into fractured sandstone and beneath existing housing, which the local council deemed potentially Part 2A due to the vapour concentrations detected on-site.

We liaised with the residents to enable detailed walkovers of their properties to inform the required sampling. In-house monitoring was then carried out over a number of months, together with a series multi-level boreholes across the site and wider area to characterise groundwater and vapour contamination both vertically and laterally.

The in-house sampling comprised the use of passive diffusion tubes and vacuum canister samples of the sub slab via vapour pins. Differential pressure readings were also taken via vapour pins though the house floor slabs.

We are also proud to have been asked to present this project as a case study at the upcoming The Society of Brownfield Risk Assessment (SoBRA) UK winter conference at The Royal Society of Chemistry on 12 December.

A great achievement by everyone involved and congratulations to our fellow shortlisters and winners from the night!