STEM Leaders

5 April 2024

CampbellReith is dedicated to fostering the growth of the next generation of STEM leaders. As part of our commitment to STEM initiatives, our employees serve as STEM Ambassadors, generously offering their time, passion, and expertise to engage with schools, colleges, and youth organisations. One such STEM ambassador is our own geotechnical engineer Maritta Elias who we profiled on 11 December 2023. These interactions provide invaluable opportunities for students to bridge the gap between STEM subjects and the real-world applications of engineering.

Recognising the significance of providing hands-on learning experiences, we also actively welcome work experience placements into our team. Last summer we had Lucy Albon join us for 6 weeks in the geotechnical team. Lucy is studying geology at the Cambourne School of Mines. Within our supportive environment, Lucy had the chance to explore how her geological understanding could be applied in practice, as well as cultivating essential business and professional skills, and learning directly from industry professionals.

We understand that each student comes with unique strengths and interests. Accordingly, we tailor their experience to optimise their learning potential and ensure that each placement receives meaningful exposure to various facets of our work. From personalised training sessions to shadowing experienced engineers during site visits, we are committed to empowering students and instilling confidence in their abilities.  While Lucy was here she took part in site visits, analysing site investigation data, and assisted with geotechnical design and report writing.

Through our strong commitment to offering valuable work experience opportunities, we aim to support and prepare the next generation of STEM leaders.