Meet the Geotechnical Team: Maritta Elias

11 December 2023

Name: Maritta Elias

Job Title: Project Geotechnical Engineer

  • What inspired you into the geotechnical profession?

I think it is a mix of childhood sandbox dreams and a fascination with the stability of buildings structures. My dad, an architect, was my early inspiration. Watching him draw and sketch blueprints for structures, I was captivated by how they came to life. This childhood fascination led me to pursue engineering.

  • What are the most significant milestones in your career to date?

Certainly a standout moment has been securing the Industrial bursary to pursue a Masters in Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology at Imperial College London. It not only got me into geotechnics but also brought me from a small town in the Middle East to the UK. From there, I got to work on some really interesting projects that amped up my professional journey.

  • What part of the job do you find the most enjoyable?

For me, it’s got to be finite element modelling and ground movement assessments. It’s like solving a geotechnical puzzle where you utilize everything you’ve learned. The beauty of finite element modelling lies in its power — it becomes a game-changer when integrated with other specialties like structures and could be used as a tool to make the design more sustainable.

  • What do you like about working at CampbellReith?

I enjoy working at CampbellReith as it truly values and promotes diversity, collaboration and inclusion. It is so inspiring to be part of an organization that actively strives to create a workplace where everyone feels respected, included, and empowered to succeed.

Since the start of my employment at CampbellReith I have been consistently encouraged to learn new things and supported every step of the way. I got the opportunity to be involved in the different aspects of the business which have assisted in my career progression towards chartership.

  • What attracted you to CampbellReith?

What attracted me to CampbellReith is the commitment to innovation and sustainability. The projects that CampbellReith undertake have impressed me with the forward-thinking approach and dedication to environmental responsibility.

  • Do you have a favourite famous engineer/project?

Absolutely John Burland takes the spotlight for me. I remember we had a four-hour lecture at Imperial about the leaning tower of Pisa. He went into detail on how they identified the problem, their thinking process and how they managed to save it from toppling over! I must admit it was one of the best lectures I’ve attended at uni.