Onwards and Upwards…

17 June 2024

A little under a year ago, our geotechnical team was honoured to be named ‘Consulting Firm of the Year’ at the Ground Engineering Awards 2023.

Against stiff competition we demonstrated to the judges our industry engagement, our commitment to knowledge sharing, our enthusiasm and, best of all…our respect for each other.

As a further reflection of that, we launched our 23forGE2023 campaign – 23 posts where we introduced you to the team, shared our knowledge and highlighted some of the work we’re doing with professional bodies.

The posts show another busy year where, among other achievements, we’ve broadened our skills, presented at an AGS conference, increased our expertise in sustainable construction, and seen milestones reached in projects like Dover Grammar School and Kilnwood Vale.

This is the final post in our 23forGE2023 campaign as it’s now time to hand over the baton to this year’s winner, but we’re still growing, learning and loving geotechnical engineering and we’ll be sharing more of our achievements with you! And, as a final celebration of a fantastic year, here are some of our highlights:

Wishing the finalists at the 2024 Ground Engineering Awards this week all the best! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!