CampbellReith support the Shape My City talent accelerator programme

5 April 2024

Rob Green, Rose Ashmore, Tom Harris and Dhruva Lonavath from our Bristol office recently took part in the Design West Shape My City programme. This is a talent accelerator programme for 15-18 year olds which encourages diversity in applicants, particularly female students, those from BAME backgrounds & under-represented socio-economic groups. We were very pleased to be able to support Design West’s programme and encourage the next generation of Transport Planners, Masterplanners and Designers into our industry.

The CampbellReith Team ran a workshop about Active Travel and how this fits in with our broader Transport Planning remit. Students took part in a range of activities to learn about how Active Travel should be considered from the earliest possible stage of scheme design and how it is an important part of helping to create more sustainable developments for the future.

We considered a hypothetical residential development and thought about:

  • What residents might need to access by foot or cycle to reduce their need to travel by car?
  • How far should you need to walk or cycle to reach shops and other key local services?

In the final part of our workshop, we thought about interventions to encourage active and sustainable travel that designers of the future could use within their own projects. The students produced a variety of inventive ideas, including pedestrian and cycle bridges, mobility hubs and even a light rail system!

It was a fantastic opportunity to work with the next generation of planners, engineers and designers. We hope they have come away with a good understanding of how transport planning plays an integral part to improving sustainable travel and creating more enjoyable ways to move around our home city of Bristol.