60 Year Anniversary

CampbellReith is celebrating 60 years!

8 November 2020

For over six decades our determination, vision and talent has helped to make CampbellReith the innovative practice it is today.

Over the past 60 years we have grown from two visionary partners to be a leading independent practice with a talented team of over 140 across five offices – London, Redhill, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham. Following on from WH Aubrey and Partners, as we were known in 1960, we have continued with the ethos of innovation and talent.

What you may not know about CampbellReith-

Throughout our history, we have undertaken some incredibly exciting and innovative projects from working on the iconic dome structure for Holy Sepulchre Church in Jerusalem to creating multiple new hospitals in Africa. We have helped to make things happen for global sporting events like the Olympics in Rio or closer to home like The Oval and Galway Racecourse in Ireland. We have supported strategic partners like Homes England to help them make a difference to the UK’s much needed regeneration projects. It does not stop there – this year we will be celebrating with our clients and design partners as UCLH’s proton beam therapy centre gets nearer to completion. One of only two such NHS facilities in the UK, and the only one to have a 32m deep basement in the centre of London.

We are thought leaders and we are proud to have helped set up leading engineering bodies like MERGE or steering groups for projects like façade retention for CIRIA 579 Face Retention Guide and Delivering Better Water Management Guide.

This year, we will also continue to support the NHS in delivering much needed new hospitals. We will continue to support the public sector in their plans for new schools and colleges, and of course Home England and others in delivering new homes for our communities.

As a practice that works across 11 industry sectors, we have had the pleasure of working with the world’s leading architects, investors, developers and main contractors – and together we have helped to make a real difference for those who use these new spaces.

Thank you to all those who have provided us with exciting opportunities!

That leaves us to say, thank you to all of our wonderful clients collaborators and industry partners for allowing us the opportunity to work on some of most exciting engineering challenges any multi-disciplinary practice could hope for. Our talented engineers and scientists will continue to support you and all those they work with on your behalf.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will share some of our stories with you – do keep a look out and we hope you enjoy reading them.