North East Bexhill Gateway Road

CampbellReith carried out design and construction monitoring of the new North East Bexhill Gateway road in East Sussex– a £2.5 million project connecting Wrestwood Road in North Bexhill and the new Bexhill to Hastings Link Road (BHLR).

The new 850 m single carriageway road will enable delivery of more than 980 dwellings and 22,000 m² for business development. The scheme is promoted by Sea Change Sussex and forms an integral part of the Rother District Local Plan to promote housing and employment growth. The new road includes a cycle path, future services corridor, a roundabout giving access to future development sites, and three further junction spurs.

CampbellReith provided geotechnical investigation to support the design and to highlight benefits and costs of earthworks design. Using traffic microsimulation software, the highways and transport team created a real time model of the proposed signal controlled working junction demonstrating capacity. Transport isochrones were also created using GIS to highlight travel times from the site.

Environmental and ecological impact was assessed by CampbellReith and approvals sought from the Environment Agency and the Highway Authority. A large surface water culvert was designed with mammal shelves, and dark corridors within street lighting to provide bats with dark corridors across the new road.

This project involved several actions with special value such as:

  • In-house interpretation of the geotechnical investigation to establish the most effective earthworks proposals
  • Re-phasing and rearrangement of the primary junction on Wrestwood Road to avoid major service corridors
  • Street lighting modifications to provide dark bat corridors

Services: Civil, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport, GIS & GISSMo

Sectors: Infrastructure