Wirral Northside

26 February 2024

We are delighted that our environmental and engineering teams have been working with Wirral Council on multiple land investigation and contamination risk assessments associated with Birkenhead regeneration and Seacombe River Corridor Masterplan.

Our primary role has been to assist in the review, investigation, and risk assessment of contamination on a portfolio of sites located within the Northside development area, including those adjacent to Wirral Waters. The Seacombe sites are mainly situated close to Wallasey Town Hall.

The sites comprise a range of interesting former industrial uses, including gasworks, landfills, power stations, and industrial facilities. The project is being led by the land quality team in our Manchester office, headed by Peter Kenny.

As an environmental and engineering consultancy, we are committed to promoting sustainable redevelopment of previously developed land. On sites such as these, our team of experts employ their extensive knowledge and experience to assess the extent of contamination, identify potential risks, and develop effective remediation strategies.