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Undermined by a landslip!

18 June 2021

We hope you enjoyed the sun earlier in the week before the clouds gathered! Our geotechnical department made the most of the fine weather and got working on the implementation of remedial measures to stabilise a property which has been undermined by a landslip. The works are being installed by Optera Ltd who are doing great job despite the heat followed by the rain!

CampbellReith undertook the initial assessments of the landslip to help understand the causes of the slip and ensure that the house was made safe again. We then designed remedial measures, including soil nails, micropiles, mechanical anchors, tensioned structural mesh, horizontally drilled groundwater drainage and a surface water drainage system.

Due to the fact that there is a lot going on below the surface, we produced a 3D BIM model which represents the position of the geotechnical works that will not be visible when installed, also giving the added benefit of aiding in clash detection.

CampbellReith has project managed the remediation of the failed slope from initial inspection shortly following failure, through to investigation stage, design of the works and procurement, right through to planned project completion, ensuring a complete ‘one stop geotechnical consultancy shop’.

We hope the works will be completed in time for the end of summer to allow the property owner to enjoy a bit of sunshine in the garden safe in the knowledge that the house is stabilised.

Thanks to Optera (Main contractor) for supplying and installing the works, Geobrugg for supplying the structural mesh system, Anchor Systems UK for supplying the mechanical anchors and, Ischebek Titan for supplying the self drilling soil nails.

Should you have any geotechnical enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our geotechnical associate