Supporting susdrain for sustainable drainage systems

2 November 2016

CampbellReith is proud to be an official supporter of CIRIA’s susdrain community, which provides a range of resources for everyone involved in providing sustainable drainage systems (SuDS). All the organisations supporting susdrain  have a common goal of improving flood risk management and prevention.

Susdrain anticipates that there will be a significant increase and improvement in the delivery of SuDS in the next two years, with positive change driven by recent industry guidance and the Government’s review of SuDS legislation due soon. This is a great opportunity for practices as CampbellReith to stand as high quality providers of sustainable drainage design. In this context, susdrain will help support improvements in SuDS delivery through new resources, summaries of the latest guidance, case studies and a series of topical SuDS events.

CampbellReith is one of 29 organisations supporting susdrain, along with the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency  (SEPA), among others.

Click here to see some of the projects where we have delivered SuDS.

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