#ShapeTheWorld with Education and Investment in Talent: Rachel Cossins

23 June 2020

“Engineering encompasses a broad range of disciplines, make sure you explore them!” Rachel Cossins, Environmental Scientist, CampbellReith

Rachel is an environmental scientist at CampbellReith who has graduated to her role from an internship in 2016.

Part of the CampbellReith team since 2016, Rachel shows real dedication to her career as an environmental scientist. In celebration of today’s International Women in Engineering Day, we ask Rachel why she chose this path of engineering.

Rachel, obviously passionate about what you do, tell us who inspired you to take up your career and why?

My family inspired me, as there are a number of engineers within my family tree. However, instead of the structural or civil side I chose something a little different – Environmental Consulting. I have always had a passion for the natural environment. After graduating from my MSc in Environmental Strategy I was inspired to pursue a career within the environmental sector, particularly in environmental consulting. I was incredibly lucky to be offered an opportunity with CampbellReith in 2016 within the Environment team, and I never left!

How have you shaped the world in your work?

Engineering encompasses a variety of disciplines and as an Environmental Consultant, the nature of this role allows me to dip into such a diverse range of projects every day. The role enables me to follow my passion and be part of a bigger picture – striking a healthy balance between ensuring necessary development for our communities, whilst protecting and enhancing the natural world – something that is so important, now more than ever.

In my career so far, shaping the world has been more than engineering. I also get the opportunity to be involved with non-project related work such as organising fundraising events for our company charity, RedR – an incredible charity supporting those responding to humanitarian crises across the globe by providing them with the skills to do so: []

What is the best part of your job?

Working in a company full of lovely, talented people on a variety of interesting schemes, big and small. Each job is unique and presents new challenges, new teams to work with and exciting outcomes.

Do you have any advice to girls wishing to become engineers?

Engineering encompasses a broad range of disciplines, make sure you explore them!