CampbellReith’s Manchester team takes part in the Engineering Your Future 2015 event

2 December 2015

CampbellReith’s Manchester team took part in the Engineering Your Future (EYF) 2015 event on Friday 26th of November, in Warrington. Naomi Ward, Thassos Frangeskou and Alastair Cockburn (in the photo above), accompanied by CampbellReith partner Chris Brady, prepared a presentation and workshop for sixth form students who had expressed an interest in engineering.

The EYF event is a one day event organized to introduce students into engineering, giving them the opportunity to meet professionals in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical/Electronic, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. During the day, the students attend five different sessions with the invited companies and are provided with an overview from each Engineering discipline and given the opportunity to get involved in a workshop task and ask questions about future careers in Engineering.

CampbellReith was invited by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to host the Civil Engineering presentation and workshop. Each of CampbellReith’s representatives spoke about their very different pathways that eventually led them to the Practice: how Alastair took the more traditional route into engineering; Thassos topped up his knowledge with a foundation year before university and Naomi studied geography and  enjoyed the Flood Risk aspect of development so joined CampbellReith to enhance the Team’s capabilities in relation to drainage, Flood Risk and Environmental issues.

After the initial presentation, the students split into four groups and were challenged to construct the tallest tower they could,  using nothing but paperclips and 10 sheets of A4 paper. Their creations were judged on height, sustainability and creativity, and prizes were given to the winners. Naomi Ward, Graduate Environmental Consultant at CampbellReith, says: “Safe to say many of the students surpassed our attempts; one tower even reached 1.35m in height (see photo). Hopefully many of the students came away from the session even more eager to get into engineering. It was a very action packed day and we can’t wait to do it again next year”.

This has been the fifteenth edition of the Engineering Your Future event, which started in London in 2000 and has also been organised in the North West since 2006. It is jointly co-ordinated and sponsored by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, the Institution of Chemical Engineers, The Nuclear Institute and The Chartered Institute for IT (The British Computer Society), and fully supported by STEMNET and the north west STEM Centres.