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750 homes finished at Kilnwood Vale and first residents moving in

4 December 2018

We have reached the landmark of 750 completed homes recently at the Kilnwood Vale site in Crawley, a former 60 ha landfill, some 15 meters deep in places, that has some considerable issues with settlement and ground gas to resolve.

Over the last 2-3 years the geotechnical, civil and environmental teams at CampbellReith have been delivering the ground treatment, road and drainage design and we’ve now got the strategic road network in place across half the site, 2 large attenuation ponds and around 30% of the site regraded and treated. All of our offices have had some involvement.

The job has a way to run yet, with the remainder of the civil strategic infrastructure plus two railway bridges to design and deliver and the residual treatments. Along the way we have to re-align an existing brook which will have either an gabion retaining wall or a reinforced earth embankment. However, people are already moving in and the first phase is now occupied. Next year the school will be built (, with further housing and community infrastructure progressing.

It’s amazing to see the site taking shape and the vision becoming reality. James Clay, partner leading this project, said: “I first visited the site in 2015, when it was entirely undeveloped. It’s now providing a home to hundreds of people and shortly an education too!”

This project has had some real design innovations, that have been acknowledged in various commendations, the latest being the NCE100 Innovation in project initiation. If you would like to know more about the project and similar initiative, please get in touch with James Clay in our Surrey office.

Images (starting with more recent)

  • A view from our Drone – All of the soil on the site has been reused sustainably so far
  • 2018 House Construction Progressing Well – Earthworks in the Distance
  • Commencement of Houses on the Second Phase
  • October 2016: First Phases of Ground Treatment Completed  / Strategic Roads into Parcels
  • July 2015: Beginning Earthworks