John Peterson Wallap Training

20 July 2022

CampbellReith’s geotechnical team are indebted to John Peterson of Foundation Piling Limited for providing extensive training last week on Geosolve’s retaining wall design software, Wallap. Wallap is one of a suite of specialist geotechnical software packages that our team uses to undertake detailed designs and assessments and create efficient and reliable solutions to geotechnical engineering problems.

Although some of us are experienced users of Wallap, there are always things to learn, and John was able to share some of the tips, tricks and possible causes of error that he has picked up over his many years experience. For other members of the team, his course provided an excellent introduction to the software, showing how it can be used to design slope stabilisation works, king post walls, sheet pile walls and contiguous or secant basement walls.

With offices around the country, our geotechnical team comes across all kinds of ground conditions where we put this and other software to use, whether it’s designing piled walls to stabilise relic shear surfaces and enable development such as at Holborne Park in Bath or Dover Grammar School, or designing basement walls for projects such as Big Yellow at Kings Cross in London.

In urban settings such as Kings Cross, basements are almost always surrounded by sensitive infrastructure and structures, and Wallap is a useful tool for understanding the ground movements that might be expected around an excavation. This information can then be used to inform ground movement and damage assessments to achieve regulator sign off, another service provided by our geotechnical team.

The training course is an example of how CampbellReith is focused on learning and sharing knowledge in order to keep up to date with industry developments and help progress the careers of our dedicated and diligent engineers and scientists.

Thanks John!