Graduate Spotlight: Hannah Bewley, Graduate Civil Engineer

We asked Hannah, a Geography BSc (Hons) Graduate, to give us a brief update about why she chose the role of Graduate Civil Engineer.

5 December 2019

We asked Hannah, a Geography BSc (Hons) Graduate from the University of Glasgow, to give us a brief update about why she chose the role of Graduate Civil Engineer:

“My role as Graduate Civil Engineer is not one that someone typically from my academic background as a geographer would consider but due to my experience as an MSc graduate in River Basin Dynamics and Management with GIS, I could see the distinct parallels between the two disciplines.

Since starting with CampbellReith, I realise that on-the-job learning is invaluable to my career and I have already applied my water management knowledge to challenging projects. The most significant project so far has been supporting the project team on the design of a drainage strategy for the former Baxi Heating Works in Burnley, as part of the Homes & Communities Agency scheme. This was my first drainage strategy and a real challenge as it is an extremely flat site in Flood Zone 3 but with the support of the senior civil engineers, we created a strategy that achieved a suitable discharge rate so that the proposed development will not exacerbate flooding in the area”

Hannah’s team leaders, are delighted with the progress she has made. One of our Partners said ‘We’ve always welcomed and encouraged our new graduates. Without exception, they have always been bright, enthusiastic and often bring a fresh perspective to problem-solving. They are the future life-blood of the company so we take care to nurture, train and encourage them.”