Fundraising for Crisis, the Square Mile Run

23 July 2015

The Square Mile Run is now an annual tradition at CampbellReith. Organised by Charity Crisis, it aims to raise funds for single homeless people for whom the Charity provides year-round education, employment, housing and well-being services throughout the UK.

CampbellReith employees from London and Surrey offices joined thousands of other runners on the 11th of June to take to the streets of London to run four miles and help Crisis fundraise for their cause.

The route starts at Paternoster Square near St. Pauls and finishes on the Millennium Bridge. The four-mile Crisis Square Mile Run takes in some of London’s most famous landmarks – the London Eye, Royal Festival Hall, The National Theatre, the Globe Theatre, Tate Modern.

CampbellReith staff raises funds through bake sale in both London and Surrey offices. It is a great chance to test the baking skills of the fundraisers! The team effort worked and they managed to raise £545.