Clay Pigeon Shooting Event 2015

8 September 2015

To continue with the company tradition, the annual clay pigeon shooting at Bisley has gathered part of CampbellReith’s team and guests. This year the event has taken place in early September.

Even though this year summer seems to be coming to an end a bit too early, the weather gave us a break to enjoy this event again. The day started with a nice breakfast to ensure the participants had full energy to start the day and then training was provided by professional instructors.

Not everyone participating was an expert in the art of hitting clays but the day ended of with great progression. While some learnt, the regular participants showed their skills after years of practice.

The shooting was followed by a prize-giving ceremony, with prizes for both the highest and lowest scores.

To give another reward to the participants besides the prizes, the day finished with a nice sit down lunch to socialize and rest.

CampbellReith would like to thank everyone who attended the event. Thanks to the participants and the instructors at the Bisley Shooting Ground for a wonderful day!