Clay Pigeon Shooting 2016

9 September 2016

September has come and so has CampbellReith annual Clay Pigeon Shooting. Organised by the Surrey office, this event has been celebrated for more than ten years, and it brings the opportunity to meet with colleagues and clients while enjoying a day outdoors in an informal atmosphere.

Once everyone gathered at Bisley Shooting Ground on Wednesday 7th September, teams of five were arranged. An instructor led each group to the training area to start with the safety and technical guidance and then practice began. Sky did not turn blue until midday but the weather stayed warm during the day.

With the first round of practice the instructors assessed the team’s level and gave everyone tips to make the most of the day. After the first shots to loosen up, competition among the teams began to hit the highest number of clays possible.

Rifles were put aside to announce the winners of the competition, where prizes were given to the team which hit more clays, the individual top score and the lower score. Prize giving was followed by lunch in the Dining Room, where conversations continued in a quiet and welcoming venue.

The day turned up to be successful and everyone felt satisfied with the company, their improvement in their aim and the overall experience. CampbellReith would like to thank all participants and instructors for such a smooth and enjoyable day.