Meet the team

Tim Nikoltsios

Senior Structural Engineer

My journey into engineering began pragmatically – an itch to understand how things fit together. It wasn’t a grand epiphany; rather, countless hours tinkering with gadgets and sketching makeshift blueprints sparked my curiosity. Diligently pursuing my studies, I earned my BEng and MSc in Structural Engineering. It was during those late nights in the university library that I truly appreciated the collaborative aspect of our field.

The thrill of bouncing ideas off fellow engineers, sketching solutions, and working together to meet project targets – it all fuelled my passion. Fast forward to today, I have over 8 years of practical experience and the opportunity of working in talented and knowledgeable design teams and leading designs for incredible projects. Notably, in the past I have contributed considerably to the redevelopment of the iconic Battersea Power Station, among other major projects around the country.

Outside of engineering

Beyond the blueprints, I find solace in music – I write, record, and produce. Photography also captivates me; it’s my lens into the world. I cycle to work, and when life needs a reset, I pack a tent and head for the hills.

Joined CampbellReith 2024