Meet the team

Isabel Clements

Project Civil Engineer

As a recent graduate, CampbellReith is my first opportunity to work on real time civil engineering projects and I am excited for the opportunity to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge. Hard work and determination have led me through a successful academic career and I aim to do the same in my new position with the aspiration of working towards a chartered status. My role at CampbellReith is to support the senior members of the civil engineering team in Manchester and across the company whilst I broaden my understanding of the industry and gain more knowledge.

Engineering as a discipline has always sparked my interest, particularly with regards to the built environment. I am keen to understand the world around me and have aspirations to explore how I can use my work to contribute to the fight for a greener planet.

Outside of engineering

Whilst at University I took an active role in the cheerleading society and I intend to continue my passion for the sport following my graduation. Hard work across the entire team and our passion for the sport led us to a national championship. I also enjoy going for long walks, cooking and exploring new places.

Joined CampbellReith 2021