Meet the team

Ian Hawes


I’ve been involved in “holding up buildings” since leaving school, completing my HNC and degree part-time whilst working in a consulting engineering practice. My experience stems from the retail and refurb sectors – being involved in quick turnaround, fast-paced projects of various sizes and types. More recently, I have been involved in commercial, educational and residential projects. Although I now spend more time with high-level feasibility and project management, I still find time to enjoy number crunching and sketching details. 

I view engineering as problem solving and take great pleasure finding suitable solutions to fit the client’s needs. There’s usually more than one solution, and I like to ask “why?”. When you understand the why, the how becomes clearer.

Structural engineering can be the unsung hero for many buildings and, for me, there’s enjoyment in knowing or understanding the hidden process behind the scenes.

Outside of engineering

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my family or wishing there was an easier way to swim, bike and run.

Joined CampbellReith 2023