Meet the team

Blessing Farirai


In early childhood, I vividly remember going on ‘site visits’ with my uncle in Zimbabwe. This provided me with opportunities to witness first-hand the transformational power of infrastructure. Diseases were eliminated through provision of potable water and wastewater infrastructure. Seeing how a dam can radically improve a community’s finances was inspiring, as the irrigation and land prices for farms around the newly constructed dams soared. I was hooked and knew that I had to study Civil Engineering.

I have had the privilege, for over twenty years, to be able to design and supervise infrastructure construction project work in different locations. These locations include the UK, Southern Africa, the Middle East and Australia. This experience has broadened my engineering and communication skills; enhancing my ability to lead or work in culturally diverse and multidisciplinary teams. It is so rewarding being part of a team that are so motivated to complete civil engineering tasks and design ranging from due diligence work, concept designs all the way through to construction.

I joined CampbellReith in 2014, and I am now responsible for leading the Bristol Office infrastructure team on an array of civil engineering projects that include highway design, stormwater and foul water drainage, infrastructure utility supplies and earthworks contracts to serve a wide range of developments that include highways, railways, mining, residential, commercial and educational facilities.

Outside of engineering

In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and watching sport, live or on TV. I love time spend time playing boardgames and sport with my family, and being actively involved in my local church.

Joined CampbellReith 2014