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A Guide to Small Brownfield Sites and Land Contamination

2 October 2018

On Thursday 4th October 2018 CIRIA launched their latest publication ‘A Guide to Small Brownfield Sites and Land Contamination’. Senior Environmental Scientist, Samantha Broughton, contributed to the project steering group for this publication, which is a must-have for those involved with the development and management of ‘small’ brownfield sites.

There are many challenges that can be faced when developing small brownfield sites. As well as dealing with contaminated land, technical, financial, programme and planning issues all need to be considered. This new publication is designed to provide general guidance as to what is typically required during each stage of the development process, from pre-acquisition through to project close-out, taking into consideration the potential issues that developers might face when dealing with a small brownfield site. It also provides advice to landowners on how to manage the risks associated with small brownfield sites that might not currently be scheduled for development.