Big Yellow, Twickenham

This £6m development comprised construction of a four-storey self-storage warehouse with double basement. Due to significant contamination issues a complex remediation scheme was designed and carried out.

The 1.5ha site previously comprised a derelict industrial estate. Following a full site assessment, significant contamination of the soils was identified.

A Remediation Action Plan was produced and agreed with the regulatory authorities.

The combination of soils and groundwater remediation enabled a cost saving of approximately 34% compared to traditional remedial methods such as dig and dump. The remediation scheme was a finalist in the Ground Engineering awards 2009.

The project presented very substantial environmental and logistical difficulties due to the overlap of the remediation and civil engineering works.


CampbellReith provides consultancy services as part of a framework agreement with Big Yellow Property Company for their portfolio of sites. The initial services are pre-planning and due diligence land quality services which inform purchase negotiations and also ensure negotiations with the regulatory authorities are undertaken at an early stage.

CampbellReith provides bespoke versions of reports and specifications which are required by Big Yellow and have also designed detailed remediation strategies to enable development of their more contaminated sites.

A wide range of potentially problematic sites have been considered under our remit for Big Yellow including a wide range of historical uses.  This includes former solvent and printing works, manufacturing sites and commercial / residential sites.  On a number of these sites, specific forms of remediation have been completed including in-situ bioremediation of groundwater and ex-situ soil remediation.

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