Meet the team

Berian Davies


It was from a hard-working farming background that I turned to engineering and construction, and studied Civil Engineering at Swansea University. With almost eight years’ experience as a building fabric designer, I love what I do. The creativity, curiosity and craftsmanship of engineering never ceases to inspire me.

Before my time at CampbellReith, I worked mainly on domestic and residential projects working with a range of materials, with client-focused design at the heart of it from start to finish. Since joining the Bristol Office at CampbellReith, I have led my team with the same ethos, working across a multitude of sectors, such as commercial, industrial, healthcare and retail. I believe that the value we add as professionals, whether using our problem-solving skills or wealth of knowledge, makes us a versatile and talented team member on any project.

In 2018, I was the winner of creating our company vision competition with “Your vision, our World”, a statement that perfectly describes what we do – innovators interpreting our clients’ vision with respect for our environments.

Outside of engineering

Outside of engineering, I love to spend my time climbing and travelling. I am also passionate about history and philosophy.

Joined CampbellReith 2014