Meet the team

Amy Norman

Project Civil/Structural Engineer

As a graduate from the University of Warwick, I am thrilled to be starting my career at CampbellReith. My degree in Civil Engineering has shown me the basics of the profession but I am excited to take part in actual projects and develop my real-world knowledge of the subject.

Like many engineering students I love the idea of taking a project from conceptual stage to its fully functioning final form, especially when the completed project will have positive impacts on the people using it. Civil engineering is unique in that it currently is one of the sectors with the biggest carbon emissions, but that also means it has huge potential to shape a more sustainable future. I am looking forward to working for, and being part of, a company that recognises the impact it has on the planet.

Outside of engineering

I like to be active and have enjoyed partaking in many sports throughout my life including rugby, parkour and aerial hoop. To counteract that I love cooking and baking, especially eating the results. Music is another passion and I am at my happiest at live gigs.

Joined CampbellReith 2021