Working to update the Definition of Waste Code of Practice

As a member of CL:AIRE’s Technology and Research Group (TRG), Simon Burr, London Partner for Land Quality,  has been involved in recent discussions over potential amendments to the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP). The DoWCoP is used to control the re-use of soils from a waste management perspective via use of a Materials Management Plan (MMP) and the TRG is an advisory group made up of leading industry professionals who support CL:AIRE on technology development issues and guidance relating to contaminated sites.

The discussions included members of the Environment Agency, Natural Resource Wales, TRG and the CL:AIRE board with the aim of finalising text for Version 3 of the DoWCoP. Simon and another member of the TRG have agreed to trial a scheme for CL:AIRE to increase confidence and quality in the use of DoWCoP. This will involve collecting feedback and questions  from Qualified Persons (QPs) relating to the DoWCoP. QPs have the responsibility to review a MMP in order to sign a Declaration to demonstrate that the re-use of soil for a project is compliant with the EU Waste Framework Directive.