Sophie Vaughan

Sophie is currently studying Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath. Whilst at CampbellReith she has spent 6 months with the Civil team and is currently working within the Structures team. In her spare time she enjoys surfing and travelling.


What attracted you to CampbellReith?

For my placement, my goals were to feel like a valued member of the team and to be involved in a variety of projects. During my time at CampbellReith, I have felt like a key member in the project teams and was able to get involved in tasks that suited my interests and skills.


What have you enjoyed the most about your time in the Bristol office?

I have particularly enjoyed being involved in the Oxford Science Park project whilst in the structures team. I have learnt a vast amount of knowledge ranging from sizing beam members in MasterSeries to retaining wall calculations.


Have there been any challenges during your time working?

I have found completing tasks that I am unfamiliar with quite challenging. For example, I have not yet studied retaining walls at university, however, when faced with this task, through a combination of my own engineering judgment and assistance from members in my team allowed me to complete the task to a reasonably high standard.


What key skills have you learnt and/ or developed whilst working at CampbellReith?

I have developed many skills whilst at CampbellReith including learning how to use new software such as MicroDrainage, PDS, MasterSeries and Tedds. I have also developed my communication skills through drawings, computer modelling and verbal communication.


After working in the civil and structures teams, which one would you prefer and why?

I have learnt a lot from both teams. However, I am currently enjoying my time in the Structures team. Structural calculations and methods better appeal to my interests and I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the Oxford Science Park this year.


What was the most memorable thing that happened during your time at CampbellReith to date?

The most memorable moment whilst working at CampbellReith occurred when I went on my first social event with the Bristol office. Some of the team decided to dance to music with an arrangement of high kicks and impressive air guitar skills. I am grateful that everyone in the Bristol office is very friendly and sociable.



Has your time working in civil and structural engineering inspired and motivated you?

Yes! Continuous development and new design solutions are essential for a scheme to evolve into a successful project. From these tasks, I feel more equipped to communicate my ideas and more confident to tackle unfamiliar problems.


What advice would you pass on to future student placements?

I would advise them to get involved in tasks that may be out of their comfort zone and ask as many questions as possible because this will improve their confidence and give them a better understanding and experience. I found that the experience is a great opportunity to grow professionally, but also personally. Furthermore, the experience helps clarify what discipline you would like to specialise in once back at university.


If you could sum up your experience with CampbellReith in three words what would they be?

Challenging. Positive. Motivated.