Social Club

At CampbellReith we are lucky to have a diverse and energetic group of staff who enjoy spending time together out of office hours. Across our UK offices we have Social Clubs in Manchester, Bristol and a combined one for Surrey and London, which get together outside of work for a wide variety of activities and are made up of a total of 90 members including engineers, scientists, support staff, associates and partners.

Recently, the Surrey/London Social Club enjoyed a fun and creative evening of making our own ‘Tinyjohn’ closed terrariums – courtesy of London Terrariums. Terrariums are self-sustaining ecosystems which require minimal care once planted. The first recorded terrarium is understood to have been developed by Botanist Nathaniel Ward in 1842, and subsequently the Victorians took to the trend. We were given an array of slow growing South American tropical plants, mosses, soil and stones to create our own, which may not be as spectacular as the Victorians’ but everyone spent a good time making them!

More energetic activities during the past months have included Go karting in Crawley, curling in Tunbridge Wells and an afternoon in London’s remake of the popular 90’s TV show – The Crystal Maze.

The Manchester office is planning more and more activities and lately has enjoyed an evening of bowling to welcome new members of the team as well as a night out including stand-up comedian Joe Lycett at the comedy club.

Meanwhile in Bristol, there was quite a turnout for the first Social Club event of indoor Go Karting. Competition was fierce on the track, with a fair amount of “argy bargy” between the front runners. Recently they enjoyed a Bristol Harbour Cruise stopping along the way at various bars and pubs and a kayaking trip down the river Wye in south Wales. The Bristol office is also arranging a monthly lunchtime Foodie Friday where we all come together and prepare a feast for the team. We hope to carry this on throughout the year!

All the offices are looking forward to more plans to meet out of the office and take advantage of the days getting longer in spring. If any of this sounds interesting, CampbellReith may be a good option for you!