Meet the team

Bertan Ateş

Project Structural Engineer

I have been working as a structural engineer since August 2020 in West Oxfordshire soon after I graduated from Coventry University with a BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering. I worked in the residential and commercial sector, these included a mix of new builds and refurbs. Working on projects like this gave me the basic knowledge of engineering and how structural elements come together.

Refurbishment jobs would bring out the problem solving aspect of engineering as an existing building comes with many constraints. These included assessing existing foundations to ensure the bearing capacity is adequate for any additional loads and determining how a pre-existing structure works before any structural design schemes could be produced.

I enjoy collaborating with people to produce optimal and sustainable solutions for the built environment and our clients, I am a curious and driven individual who enjoys being challenged. As I complete each project and start a new one, I can see the knowledge I have accumulated from my pervious projects, which in my opinion is a very satisfying feeling.

I want to continue expanding my knowledge as a structural engineer to eventually become chartered with the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Outside of work I enjoy playing the saz (bağlama), traveling, reading and learning about various things.

Joined CampbellReith 2022