CampbellReith uses HoleBASE SI – a geotechnical knowledge management system – to facilitate a bespoke MS Excel based application which utilizes AGS data to statistically assess soil and groundwater data from Ground Investigations.

It enables AGS data to be directly received from laboratories and factual reports and allows automated data assessment without the risk of manual entry errors.  Our analysis modules provide the statistical assessment of sample normality and mean values at set percentiles in accordance with current land quality assessment guidance. This allows the rapid appraisal of data for use in both ‘planning’ and EPA ‘Part 2A’ situations.

Combined with our other GIS and GISMo capabilities, this allows the full digitisation of site data from the macro scale downward. The ability to hold and appraise data in this way presents a powerful tool on projects where a very large amount of data can often exist. It allows data sets to be retained in digital format such that that can be later merged, re-analysed and re-appraised: this can allow data sets to be used optimally and also to provide digital data sets to future purchasers.  In the longer term this can often mitigate the cost and inconvenience of additional phases of Ground Investigation.

Our system featured in the 2014 Keynetix Geotechnical Data Management Awards.