Alice Hoy

Alice Hoy joined CampbellReith’s Surrey office as a graduate in 2015. She holds a Masters in Water: Science and Governance from Kings College, in London, and is working for both the Environmental and Civil teams undertaking Ecological Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Flood Risk Assessments (FRA).


During her masters she joined CampbellReith for a three-week work placement in April 2015 and she was then offered a job to start after finishing her studies.


  • Why would you recommend CampbellReith to future graduates?

During my placement, I went on site to assess potential development in relation to the flood risk as well as accompanied a Partner to the council meetings to get the feel of what is involved. Then they let me work on Flood Risk Assessments and Environmental Impact Assessment. They give you a choice as to what you are most interested in and you feel trusted by completing reports that will be then sent to clients, I wrote two technical reports to engage in current legislation updates and changes, and all that in just three weeks!

Having a background in water science, they took into account my needs as a graduate to have a general overview before focusing in a specific area, they have been very flexible. I have been receiving external training since joining CampbellReith through the Chartered Institute of Environmental and Ecological Management (CIEEM) so I can improve my understanding in ecology in Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Ecological Impact Assessments to provide the service in house instead of having to outsource it. I was also placed on a three week work placement with the Environment Partnership (TEP) who provided me with a wealth of knowledge on undertaking Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, Arboricultural Surveys and identifying habitats and surveying for Protected Species. This experience will be very important when survey season starts (March – September).  I am now working towards obtaining a FISC level three in botany skills.  Then I’ll need to do the extended course and get some in the field experience before I can go do it by myself.


  • In which projects are you involved at the moment?

I am mostly working on North Bexhill Access Roar for EIA, Habitat Regulations Assessment for the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) Spatial Strategy, and Flood Risk Assessment for Rushden.


  • Is there any specific skill you learnt at CampbellReith that were not covered in University?

I like when you come to work because you’re doing things for a purpose, you work because of something. I did not think it was too different, though.

On the technical side, I learnt about doing Phase 1 Habitat Surveys, Ecological Impact Assessments and Protected Species Surveys. Go on site and learn what the land is used for, in ecology terms. Also bat surveys and ecology related aspects.

It has been a transfer of knowledge from what was learnt in Uni to the real life afterwards. In FRA, I had experience in the understanding of flood processes and public perception but not know how it was calculated to prevent and interpret output.