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Anar Patrick

Senior Structural Engineer

A quick learner

I was granted a scholarship by the Government of Kazakhstan to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Southern California, USA. Upon graduation I returned to Kazakhstan and worked for various contractors. I realised to stay on top of the game, I had to build strong foundation in structural engineering. Upon joining Robert Bird Group, based in Dubai, I was initially part of a site support team where my duties included detailed design and project coordination. I was then transferred to the head office to undertake design of the horizontal and vertical structural elements at the Battersea Power Station project in London. The main feature was the design of reinforced concrete flat slabs, which needed to resist lateral forces generated from columns inclined at angles of up to 40 degrees.

In 2020 we decided to move to London oblivious of the world coming to a halt very shortly. Now that we are back to normality, I am happy to join CampbellReith. Living in different countries and constantly being challenged by new approaches and practices, both professionally and socially, has shaped me into a person I am today. I look forward to contributing to the team here at CampbellReith and achieving chartered status in the near future.

P.S. Everywhere I went they dance salsa!

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