Willowfield Humanities College

CampbellReith was appointed by Bouygues UK to provide a full range of land quality and waste appraisal services for their Humanities College in Walthamstow, London.

The site’s former uses include amongst other things, a scrap yard, laundry and dry cleaners, railway goods yard and maintenance depot. Historical data indicated the presence of significantly elevated groundwater concentrations of chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons suggesting the requirement for groundwater remediation, gas protection measures and elevated earthworks costs associated with the Made Ground which would be classified as hazardous waste if excavated for off-site removal. Consequently, CampbellReith undertook further assessments in order to provide value engineered solutions. These comprised:

  • Production of a Materials Management Plan, in accordance with the Industry Code of Practice, which enabled reuse of the ‘contaminated’ Made Ground soils across the site;
  • additional sampling of existing boreholes using low flow sampling methods which enabled a groundwater quantitative risk assessments to be carried out. This demonstrated the underlying aquifer was not at risk to the agreement of the Environment agency.
  • passive gas sampling of volatile organic compounds and use of the data to carry out detailed quantitative modelling of volatile ground gas using a bespoke spreadsheet based on industry algorithms. This enabled the omission of the gas protection measures which were originally included as part of the remedial measures.

Services: Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical

Sectors: Education