No1 Church Road, Richmond

CampbellReith was appointed to act as Travel Plan Coordinator for No.1 Church Road, Richmond, as part of a long term management strategy for the building that sought to deliver sustainable transport objectives through action and is articulated in a document that is regularly reviewed.

Travel plans can assist in increasing accessibility whilst reducing congestion, local air pollution, greenhouse gases and noise. A well developed travel plan can mitigate adverse traffic impacts of a development and the Government recognises their importance in achieving improvements in transport conditions at the local level.

CampbellReith liaised with the building owner, management company and occupiers to produce the travel plan. During the renovation of the building, CampbellReith advised on measures that could be included to benefit future occupiers. These measures included dedicated car sharing parking spaces and high quality changing facilities, showers and lockers in the bike store within the building.

CampbellReith also provided personalised travel planning advice and assisted in disseminating information about travel information, events and schemes.

Services: Structural, Geotechnical, Highways & Transport

Sectors: Commercial